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Salvation and Stuff is a podcast hosted by Micah Coate. It aims to engage, encourage, and enlighten all people towards a deeper faith in Jesus.

what people are saying

“I love this podcast!!! Micah gives such a unique perspective and he really makes me stop and think. Love tuning in! Thanks Salvation and Stuff!”

- aliesha nichter

“...If you want to be more intellectually honest about your faith in Jesus this podcast is a great place to start!”

- tommy dolan

“I’m not especially religious, but I was completely entertained, felt like I was learning something factual, and was led to do some deep reflection at the end."

- lisa woodward

“The best part of his podcast is that he sticks to scriptural truth and brings the stories, whether those from the Bible, public figures, or of him/his family personally, to life in a tangible way that highlights the commonality we all have of our depravity and desperate need for a savior.”

- jenny vincent

“Have listened to 10 podcasts. Almost all are thought provoking and relevant. Ideas matter in an individuals life and in human history. These episodes challenge you to grapple with what you believe and how you act. Very glad I found this site and look forward to new ones.”

- tim moriarty

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